Become a FM member

FREE as a discount customer up to 30% discount!

Have you already used the FM Group products?

Then you have certainly noticed that the quality of our products is certainly not inferior to the quality that you find with similar products in the (much more expensive) chain stores. There is only one big difference: the price.

But what if you can also earn an extra 30% discount on the sales price of our products?

Example: A 50 ml PURE perfume costs € 20,50, which you can order for € 14,50. Nice for your own use, but you can and may also resell it for € 20,50 .

All you need for this is registration as a member of the FM Group. This registration does NOT cost you anything at the moment!

You can then purchase all FM products at purchase price (not only perfume, shower gels, but also make-up, skin care, etc.). You are then a full FM member.

You are not obliged to purchase something every month – the so-called quota obligation – if you do, this is of course no problem and you do not have to stock up.

If you order one product within the period of a year, your FM membership, with the associated purchase discount, will automatically renew for another year. If you order nothing at all for a year, the FM membership ends automatically after that period.

And if you also let your environment enjoy our products, you can also earn a nice extra. The difference between the sales price and your purchase price is your profit.

Have you become interested after reading and do you want more information?

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page. Enter your details here, mention “become a member” and I will contact you as soon as possible.