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Join in and this is how it works:
You organize your time yourself, you decide who you work with.
You can become as successful as you want and you realize your plan as it suits you best.
This is made possible by the multi-level marketing (MLM) system in which FM WORLD works.

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a kind of distribution system that takes place outside the retail chains. It is based on direct contact with customers, which significantly shortens the way from the product to the buyer.
Business partners (BP) can offer their customers attractive and special products that are not available through the traditional retail trade.

Direct sales, of which the MLM is a part, is an established industry that has already been established worldwide in many legislations.
In the European Union alone, the annual turnover is 20 billion euros, in Poland the annual turnover of direct sales is more than 2 billion zł.
By working in MLM, FM WORLD offers you many opportunities.

Choose the option that best suits you:

Buy cheaper

The biggest advantage of FM products is that they are used daily:
perfumes, personal care products, laundry detergents, e.a.
The BP has the possibility to buy FM products and services at lower prices.
I.e. he saves money on shopping.

Advising and selling FM products to others

After you have convinced yourself of the quality and usefulness of theFM
products, you can encourage other people – such as family, friends, acquaintances or neighbors – to use them.
Finding customers, and offering quality products for daily use, will not pose a problem in general.
That way you can, if you want, make money with sales.
As a BP you buy the discounted FM products, you sell them and you´ll make a profit. You keep the difference – the margin is your profit.

Become a leader! Build your own distribution network

For even better financial results, it is worth building your own network.
Networking means nothing more than inviting new people to do the same as you do: sell FM products and services.
In this way you will become a sponsor, or a mentor, and an advisor on the FM offer and the principles of cooperation with FM WORLD.
In addition to the commission, which results from your own purchases, you also receive commission on the purchases of your effective group in which each person has reached a certain level of effectiveness.
The commission is also available to the members of your network and the people who are sponsored by them.

Together you work for the overall success.


Note: MLM is not a financial pyramid!

Your profit comes from the distribution of products and services and not from money received from other members.

Detailed information about the MLM can be found in the marketing plan.


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