On the website you come across different concepts. Below we explain these to you.
FM perfumes are divided into a number of fragrance lines, namely a Pure-line, an Intense-line, a Pheromone-line, an Unisex-line and a Pure Royal-line.

In addition, there is a line with niche scents under the name Utique.

A Pure-fragrance is contained in a standard bottle of recycled glass; a Pure Royal-fragrance is contained in a more luxurious bottle, which is also made from recycled glass. In the webshop there is a picture of the bottle with each fragrance so that you can see what the product looks like.

Intense line

By default, a fragrance is delivered as an eau-de-perfume (men) or a perfume (ladies). This fragrance contains 14-16% fragrance concentrate for men up to 20-21% for the ladies.
For some time now, FM has brought an Intense-version of some fragrances to the market for people with dark skin, people in the tropics and for people who sweat a lot.
This fragrance is slightly more expensive than the Pure-variant but the smell is the same. The difference is the percentage of perfume concentrate. That is with an Intense-fragrance for men 24% and for ladies
Perfumes with these high concentrations are not for sale in the shops, only at the FM Group.

With some people no smell remains. This can happen and the cause is often due to the skin type. An Intense scent can then sometimes offer a solution.
Are you used to normally using the (eau de) perfume and this fragrance will stay with you for a long time, then look out with the Intense version!
This variant is really much stronger and “excess harms“, even with perfume.

The Intense variant can be recognized by the indication on the label. And it is slightly more expensive!

Pheromone line

A number of fragrances from FM, both ladies and men’s fragrances, are available with a pheromone addition.

A pheromone is a signaling molecule that conveys messages between individuals of the same species. Pheromones are substances that ensure the transfer of information between different organisms.

Popularly said: the sexual attractant in humans and animals.

For example, moth males can smell the pheromones of moth females to a large distance and can orient themselves well in a concentration gradient.
When a moth is detected by a pheromone molecule, he will stop all activities to look for the female and mate with her. Pheromones play an important role in many insects.

It is sometimes said that everything is easier with a smell in which pheromone is present: contacts are smoother, people are happier and people are liked nicer.

The Pheromone variant can also be recognized by the indication on the label; the pheromone addition makes it slightly more expensive than the PURE variant.

Utique line

What the extremely high quality of the UTIQUE perfumes proves is that all perfumes contain similar ingredients (this can be seen on the INCI-list *): alcohol, fragrance composition and some also water. Now, the price of the perfumes are mainly determined by the fragrance composition that contains different ingredients, both natural and synthetic. Natural ingredients of the fragrance compositions, the essential oils, are clearly more expensive. To develop UTIQUE perfumes we have used expensive and sophisticated essential oils that have influenced the price of these unique fragrances. All this to meet even the needs of the most demanding customers.

* INCI stands for: International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient, or International Naming for Cosmetic Ingredients