The FM Group does not sell products under the trade names of other companies.

The fragrances of FM Group are in no way duplicates or cheap imitations of products of another company and are produced entirely under their own management and under their own name.

Although you may think that it is identical to the smell of your favorite designer brand when you smell FM, FM fragrance concentrates are made by Drom Fragrances based on their own recipe and Pureganic ® method.

Drom’s products are organic and contain no toxic substances or harmful additives.


FM products have not been tested on animals!


Used brand names are for reference purposes only and are only intended as an indication of the smell.

FM Group and its partners do not claim in any way that the FM products are identical to the brand names mentioned by reference.

In addition, the aforementioned brand names, with the exception of FM products, are the property of the manufacturers of these products.


FM Group, their partners and their suppliers are independent distributors and retailers of FM products.


FM and its products are in no way affiliated with another competing company.


FM Group and its partners are not affiliated with, nor are they sponsored in any way whatsoever by, the producers of said brand names.


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